Price increase fittings, tools and accessories as of 1st January 2022

Due to the constantly rising prices of raw materials, the high international demand for steel and stainless steel, increasing supplier costs and strongly rising transport costs, we have to increase the prices of our articles.

We have been able to cushion the continuing price increase as long as possible at our own cost through our well-stocked warehouse and by reducing our own margin. However, due to the current situation, we are now forced to increase the prices of our fittings, tools and accessories from 01 January 2022 and adjust them to the current market conditions.

The prices of the articles have been adjusted differently.

Please find attached our current price list with the adjusted prices.

In addition, due to the demand of our articles, we have partly set the assortment on demand, so that we can better exploit our storage capacities and lay them out to your advantage.

You can also see this in the current price list.

Of course, custom-made products that you cannot see in the list are still possible on request.

Our transport procedures and freight management have been optimized in order to offer you the best possible service. We have been able to carry out optimizations in the weight calculations, which have changed the conditions. You can find the now valid transport prices in the enclosed transport price list. Our logistics department will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Due to the international economic situation, it can be assumed that the demand for raw materials will remain at a high level. Accordingly, further price increases cannot be ruled out, but will be avoided as long as it is economical.

We thank you for your understanding and look forward to a continued good cooperation.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our donations for 2020

Gifts are good, support is better.
Christmas gifts were replaced by donations at HAELOK AG in 2020. We are of the opinion that even small help in today’s situation can help those affected in many areas. For this reason, we have decided this year to support various institutions with a donation.
We have tried to consider several areas and have turned to the following goals:

  • “Pandemic Fund” of the University of Zurich

If you are interested, please read on here and watch the corresponding videos: Pandemic Fund
The Pandemic Fund of the University of Zurich serves to support important and urgent research projects to overcome the corona crisis. Here, milestones have already been reached, but support through third-party funding is essential. Certainly, every individual supports the prevention of the spread by his daily interaction with others and the observance of the applicable hygiene and behavioral rules, but research is an essential field for prevention. Here, a sound basis is achieved through research. So we can support the appropriate finding of measures for all of us.

  • “Glückskette” with the campaign “Coronavirus” Switzerland

If you are interested, please read on here: Swiss Solidarity
“Supporting the people most affected by the coronavirus pandemic” A goal that Swiss Solidarity wants to support in addition to the aid provided by the federal government and the cantons. It is working with proven partners in this effort. As the collection and donations progress, cooperation with other, mainly locally active partners in the various relief areas will be continuously expanded and supported.

  • Schweizer Tafel

If you are interested, please read more here: Schweizer Tafel
“Distributing food – alleviating poverty: Schweizer Tafel distributes perfectly good, surplus food to social institutions such as homeless shelters, soup kitchens, emergency shelters and other aid organizations: around 4000 tons worth 26.1 million Swiss francs every year – or around 16 tons every day.”
More and more food is needed. But this must first find its way to those in need. That is why the operation, as well as the purchase of refrigerated vehicles, is supported here.

Also within HAELOK AG we have tried not only to give pleasure to our employees, but to pursue a good cause. Here we have made the purchase at a foundation of the Zürcher Arbeitskette. The focus of this foundation is the work integration in catering businesses with integration jobs in Switzerland. Here already many enterprises developed us so far already over 60 young people with a handicap a training in the catering trade and in the retail trade were offered.

Each and every one of these listed organizations and foundations deserves high esteem and gratitude for the commitment that is being made.

We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and look forward to the next year full of solidarity and commitment!
Your HAELOK-Team

(Text sources are corporate pages of the foundations and organizations)

EBERO AG as new partner for district heating. A strong partnership for the future.

EBERO AG as new partner for district heating. A strong partnership for the future.

HAELOK AG is pleased to have won an energetic and competent partner with EBERO AG for Germany.

The owner-managed family business EBERO is a continuously developed and expanded company with a focus on trade and logistics for technical infrastructure.

A partner who, like ourselves, attaches great importance to service, a strong product and quality. With many years of experience in finding comprehensive solutions. An innovative service provider who meets the constantly growing demands of our customers and can now innovatively advance through our products.

We are looking forward to a strong cooperation!

Zurich, 15.06.2020



Quirin Keeris becomes a member of the management of HAELOK AG. Keeris and Dietrich: technician and strategist.

The Board of Directors has approved the proposal of the CEO and appointed Quirin Keeris to the Executive Board as of September 1, 2019.
He has been with HAELOK AG since 2012 and involved in different functions in technology, design and continuous development of the HAELOK® system. As a CTO since 2017, he heads the Technology & Development department.

“Quirin Keeris has been involved with HAELOK® from the very start. This step was absolutely important and overdue. Together we build a strong team», so Dietrich, CEO of HAELOK AG.

With his appointment to the management, in addition to the technical department, Keeris also takes over the logistics department. This includes the new HAELOK warehouse in Weil am Rhein (southern Germany).

Quirin Keeris is a Swiss citizen and a mechanical engineer.

Sincere congratulations, Quirin!

Zürich, 30.08.2019

Informative, modern and of course “responsive”

Informative, modern and of course “responsive”

We are very pleased to finally present you our new website. A new corporate design of HAELOK AG, defined in the middle of the year, is also part of the new strategy.
After weeks of technical, visual and especially content-related revision, the website of HAELOK AG is fundamentally modernized and renewed, accessible under already known address
In addition to the modern design, the main focus was on the adjustment of product descriptions and user overview. “The website is more of a sales support and an online product catalog than a “normal” company presentation. Intentionally!”, so Frank Dietrich, CEO of HAELOK AG.

Thus, no matter if as a customer, partner or someone just interested, without much search effort you get an even more detailed overview of the HAELOK® system and the entire product portfolio.

As usual, we will also keep you up to date with news, business, products and events in our newsroom. Register for HAELOK® Newsletter. Be informed at all times.

We wish you a lot of fun on our new homepage!


New market presence

New market presence

New market presence is a part of the new strategy.

The appearance of the HAELOK GROUP will be more fresh, open and, above all, more informative. The focus lies on the products and the variability of our solutions as well as the needs of our customers. More information about product descriptions, user videos, catalogs and certificates – the new homepage is a sales tool.

Also new is the newsletter which is now regularly sent to our customers once a month. The registration can be done on the new homepage.

And that’s not all. There are more pages to follow and we are happy to reveal it: An ONLINE STOCK with real-time display of the inventory. This means more service for our customers and partners

Visit our new homepage and follow us via social media: LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and youtube.

An innovative company. A strong brand. HAELOK®