New leadership with new priorities

On 08.01.2019, Frank Dietrich became the new CEO and took over the management of HAELOK AG.

At HAELOK AG, major challenges await the new leadership. A major order from China in 2016, which has not been completed yet, brought the company to its limits. Particularly affected was the handling of day-to-day business and liquidity.

In addition to coping with the current tense situation, the new CEO must also present a new strategy for the company. Something for the future and better than in the years before.

“That much I can say now: the product, the customer needs and the geographic expansion are going to be the focus. However, first we need a strong foundation on which to build, ” says Dietrich.

From his professional career, Frank Dietrich brings an optimal combination of experience; based on a basic technical education and further education in business administration. Experience in corporate development and digitization is also attributed to the 38-year-old. He has proved this with the establishment of his own companies in mechanical engineering, automation and contract manufacturing.

His professional career began in Germany with an apprenticeship as a engineering draftsman in mechanical and plant engineering. Followed by the first degree in industrial engineering with a focus on business administration. Subsequently, various positions as product manager and project manager for the construction of new developments and prototypes. In 2012, he took over a mechanical engineering company, which he previously managed as a CEO. From there he developed a diversified group of 5 companies.
Mr. Dietrich also holds an Executive MBA degree in General Management at the University of St. Gallen.

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