HAELOK® An innovative company. A strong brand.

We are inventors. We are generators. We are trendsetters. We are system providers. We are HAELOK®.

The HAELOK Group is considered as the world’s leading system supplier and as the engine of technological progress in the field of pipe connection without welding and elastomer seals.
HAELOK® develops in-house, produces all products in Europe and sells them under the well-known, established brand HAELOK®.

Our international customers come from a wide variety of industries, including mechanical and plant engineering, transportation, shipbuilding, district heating, cooling and conditioning technology, and fire protection technology. In these areas, we stand for high-quality products and services as well as future-oriented systems and innovation solutions.

Own research and development is at the heart of the company and crucial to the sustainable success of HAELOK®. An experienced team of specialists works daily on the development and advancement of the product portfolio of high-performance compression fittings and press tools. The entire development and manufacturing process is governed by HAELOK® which ensures a quality and technology advantage and thus the leading market position.

HAELOK – An innovative company. A strong brand.

Stable. Experienced. Competent.

The members of the Board of Directors and the Executive Board form a strong unit with a clear goal – to grow successfully. Together.


Board of Directors

Chairman of the Board
Prof. Olav Noack

Member of the Board
Stefan Barny


Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Bernhard Sauter

HAELOK AG offers a purely metallic system solution to join metal pipes safely and for the long term.
Especially for applications with high pressure, high temperatures, vibrations and the demand for durability, the HAELOK system is the best alternative to the welding process.
With our customers and suppliers we maintain long-lasting and cooperative business relationships, deliver consistently high quality and focus on innovation.
We exploit our market potential and continue to expand our market position – are committed to the principles of fair competition and are aware of our responsibility in dealing with nature.
Motivated employees are the most important factor for our company to be successful. Efficient communication, open information policy, flat management hierarchies always coupled with a large portion of joy and fun – this is what we build our company on.

HAELOK’s corporate values are at the core of both our work internally and our relationships with our partners and customers.

  • We are a team – We and our collegiality make the difference. We share knowledge and experience.
  • We act with an entrepreneurial spirit. -We all think and act like entrepreneurs and not just executors.
  • we work cost-consciously -We all keep an eye on our expenses and try to make intelligent and sustainable decisions. We identify causes and treat symptoms before they can become problems.
  • We are cordial – We treat others respectfully because our treatment of others is reflected in our environment with us.
  • We communicate openly and honestly – We share information and insights constructively and regularly with others. This makes us a great team.

We want satisfied and loyal customers
Long-term customer satisfaction is a primary goal for HAELOK AG. To achieve this, the quality of products, processes and services, environmental protection and safety must be permanently guaranteed.
We are all responsible for the quality of our products and services. Through our commitment and intensive cooperation, we bring the system to life and use it effectively. Communication, training and education play a decisive role in the implementation of our corporate policy.
That is why we define quality as customer satisfaction and focus on generating customer value. Through satisfaction, we want to achieve loyalty, the commitment of customers to us.

We try not to allow any defects in products and services
This is an indispensable prerequisite for customer satisfaction and loyalty. Any error affects the customer, disrupts his normal process, can have serious or unforeseeable consequences. Every mistake costs our customers time and money, causes annoyance and ultimately dissatisfaction. Dissatisfied customers become disloyal customers over time and are lost. Every lost customer weakens us and strengthens the competition. It is extremely difficult to win him back.
No failures can only be achieved if the entire product life cycle is considered and aligned accordingly, starting with market analysis and product definition, through development, manufacturing, to sales and shipping – in other words, if every employee makes a contribution.

We create products and services we can be proud of
We develop, produce and distribute products and services that offer great customer benefits and, with their quality, contribute significantly to customer loyalty and retention. That is why we are proud of what we do. This also means that products and services are only made available or delivered to customers if we are convinced that they deliver the required and promised customer benefits and are flawless and error-free.

We are responsible for quality and continuous improvement
We as a team are responsible for quality, continuous improvement and customer satisfaction. We must constantly improve ourselves, our processes and our management system. We take joint responsibility for this. To keep satisfied and loyal customers in the long run, it is not enough to rest on once acquired “laurels”. That is why CIP, the “continuous improvement process”, plays a central role in our understanding of quality, determines our daily actions and ensures our progress.

Suppliers are integrated into quality management
Suppliers are integrated into our procurement process through clear quality requirements for the products by means of supplier inspection regulations. These are continuously checked and adjusted through incoming inspections.

Laws and standards
HAELOK AG is aware of the laws, directives, regulations and standards that apply to its products and consistently aligns its processes with these requirements. By regularly checking the validity as well as analyzing possible new requirements, it ensures that its processes are up to date. The necessary certificates for the respective areas of application must be acquired.

Risk management
Risk management and the associated processes and activities are centrally anchored in the thinking and actions of HAELOK AG. The resulting awareness of risk management and the results achieved by the risk management processes are intended to lead to safer processes and products for customers, which in turn provides a competitive advantage. In addition, the risk management process should reduce internal error costs. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)