HAELOK® – the system

HAELOK® is not just an ordinary fitting for a pipe connection. It is rather a combination of an innovative product, the associated tools and equipment, the service, the name and simplicity of the application and the economic benefits.
It is a system.

HAELOK® is the leading, pure metal to metal press fitting connection system for the industry, energy technology, district heating and technical oil and gas.

The high-performance compression fittings are designed for extremely high pressures and temperatures as well as a fast and secure press connection without sealing elements and welding. The own developed press tools guarantee always the same quality for each individual press connection in existing or new systems at all times. A perfect connection in a few seconds

HAELOK® – the system

Das HAELOK®- system is full of values

SWISSNESS: Through its history of successful products, HAELOK® is internationally known and appreciated as THE ORIGINAL – in a double sense of the word.

The HAELOK® system is authentic, genuine, unique, equally inventive and original in functionality, easy to use and thanks to high quality standards absolutely outstanding.

QUALITY & PRECISION: Every HAELOK® fitting is a quality product that is manufactured to the highest standards of precision, functionality and attention to detail.
INNOVATION: Every year, HAELOK® launches new product lines, which do not only stand out with functionality but also advancements.
DESIGN: Thanks to its clear design, HAELOK® is unique and internationally recognized and protected.
SUSTAINABILITY: The HAELOK® system is made of high-quality steel and can be melted down and reprocessed at any time.