Gifts are good, support is better.
Christmas gifts were replaced by donations at HAELOK AG in 2020. We are of the opinion that even small help in today’s situation can help those affected in many areas. For this reason, we have decided this year to support various institutions with a donation.
We have tried to consider several areas and have turned to the following goals:

  • “Pandemic Fund” of the University of Zurich

If you are interested, please read on here and watch the corresponding videos: Pandemic Fund
The Pandemic Fund of the University of Zurich serves to support important and urgent research projects to overcome the corona crisis. Here, milestones have already been reached, but support through third-party funding is essential. Certainly, every individual supports the prevention of the spread by his daily interaction with others and the observance of the applicable hygiene and behavioral rules, but research is an essential field for prevention. Here, a sound basis is achieved through research. So we can support the appropriate finding of measures for all of us.

  • “Glückskette” with the campaign “Coronavirus” Switzerland

If you are interested, please read on here: Swiss Solidarity
“Supporting the people most affected by the coronavirus pandemic” A goal that Swiss Solidarity wants to support in addition to the aid provided by the federal government and the cantons. It is working with proven partners in this effort. As the collection and donations progress, cooperation with other, mainly locally active partners in the various relief areas will be continuously expanded and supported.

  • Schweizer Tafel

If you are interested, please read more here: Schweizer Tafel
“Distributing food – alleviating poverty: Schweizer Tafel distributes perfectly good, surplus food to social institutions such as homeless shelters, soup kitchens, emergency shelters and other aid organizations: around 4000 tons worth 26.1 million Swiss francs every year – or around 16 tons every day.”
More and more food is needed. But this must first find its way to those in need. That is why the operation, as well as the purchase of refrigerated vehicles, is supported here.

Also within HAELOK AG we have tried not only to give pleasure to our employees, but to pursue a good cause. Here we have made the purchase at a foundation of the Zürcher Arbeitskette. The focus of this foundation is the work integration in catering businesses with integration jobs in Switzerland. Here already many enterprises developed us so far already over 60 young people with a handicap a training in the catering trade and in the retail trade were offered.

Each and every one of these listed organizations and foundations deserves high esteem and gratitude for the commitment that is being made.

We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and look forward to the next year full of solidarity and commitment!
Your HAELOK-Team

(Text sources are corporate pages of the foundations and organizations)