Your installation process should not be interrupted by any incident, which is why we are committed to this for you with our repair service.

HAELOK® stands for quality and we also advocate this with our suppliers. Nevertheless, there can be reasons why a pressing tool is not (or no longer) ready for use:

  • Your pressing tool is not working properly
  • You want a tool service
  • You have received an incorrect or unwanted tool

We have a return form for you for this purpose. This serves to complete the process quickly and significantly shortens the throughput time. HAELOK® will inform you within approx. 10 days about the status of the repair including a cost estimate.


This is how the REPAIR process works

  • You simply download the RETURN FORM and fill it out completely.
  • Then send the signed form to sales@haelok.com
  • Within 10 days you will receive a cost estimate from our HAELOK® team as well as the date on which you can send the tool for repair. This is your SEND DATE.
  • On the SEND DATE you receive, send the tool to our partner and tool manufacturer NOVOPRESS. You will receive the relevant delivery information in the information letter.